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Ingredients are mixed into the dough making machine

Ready mixed water is then put into the dough making machine

Machine is run till dough is ready

Dough is then put through the extruder machine

Extruded flat belt of dough is cut to size

Flattened dough is pushed through the pressure rollers

A thin layer comes out on the other side

The thin layer goes to the cutting dies

Same size pappadums are cut

The surplus is collected into a tray

Cut pappadums are transferred onto another belt which takes them into the drying chamber

Pappadums are transferred onto a series of rollers going from top to bottom in the drying chamber

In the drying chamber

Pappadums travel through all these chambers

Pappadums travel from front to back and back to front falling onto the lower belts

Pappadums are cooled down on the last belt

All pappadums are then collected and are ready for packing